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Flexible photovoltaic stent will lead to new changes in the field of solar photovoltaic

Release date: 2021/2/23 0:51:54 Visits: 1053

By the United Kingdom and Britain independent research and development of flexible photovoltaic support for the first time in Zhejiang Taizhou Water Treatment Development Co., Ltd. solar power demonstration project successfully applied. This is the first time in the United States and Britain will be flexible photovoltaic stent in the distributed solar photovoltaic power generation project bold innovation. The application of this patent will not only lead the sewage treatment industry, distributed solar photovoltaic power generation changes, will lead the distributed solar power generation in other areas of major changes.
The application of flexible photovoltaic stent has the following advantages: First, its application will increase the reuse of space, and successfully solve the problems of the traditional PV support system, such as large lateral span and perishable rust. Secondly, through hanging, , Support the four major installation methods, flexible PV bracket can be realized up, down, left and right of the free erection, better to improve the distribution of photovoltaic power generation system support; Third, compared with the traditional steel frame structure, Fourth, the flexible PV bracket on the site based on the requirements of small, pre-installed strong; Fifth, the flexible PV bracket will be more suitable for the ordinary (Figure 1), flexible PV bracket will be more suitable for ordinary Mountain, barren, pool ponds and woodland and other large-span applications, and does not affect crop cultivation and fish. In addition, the flexible photovoltaic stent and the latest photovoltaic components and smart power generation equipment organic matching, the overall reliability of the power plant will be improved, better security, the environment will enhance the ability to replicate the capacity to be improved, more easy to promote the application.
Previously, flexible photovoltaic stent, component systems and special components such as connectors have passed the China Aerospace Aerospace Technology Research Institute wind tunnel test (anti-super typhoon 16).