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The installation of PV mounts is not that simple

Release date: 2021/2/23 0:52:39 Visits: 617

Many people may think that the PV bracket is a simple shelf, what is the difficulty of installation you, in fact, not as we imagine so simple, let the following professional manufacturers of photovoltaic stent to explain to us the next bar!

Is the PV mount simply a metal bracket? If you think that the photovoltaic stent is only from the framework of the role, then wrong. High-quality photovoltaic stent often has a number of technical patents, including high-level galvanizing process and oxidation process is also a major difficulty. Each photovoltaic stent has to undergo rigorous mechanical calculations, scientific wind load testing, tensile testing, salt spray test, etc., or a gust of wind, a rain is enough to destroy a solar power station.

According to the PV industry statistics, in a large-scale solar photovoltaic power plant project, the cost of photovoltaic stent PV power plant accounted for only about 3% of the total investment. Which 3% of the investment can greatly reduce the cost of maintenance later. While an excellent scientific and reasonable stent to ensure that 99% of the safety of solar power plants.