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"Internet + PV" six platform business model

Release date: 2021/2/23 0:53:23 Visits: 1064

In the mobile Internet and photovoltaic market, the rise of the era, "Internet + PV" has become one of the most talked about industry. However, because PV is an emerging industry, the original business model in the Internet when there are too many roads to adapt to the place, in order to seize the opportunity, we must find the most suitable for their own Internet-based business model. The face of the impact of the Internet, in the end is still an important share of traditional manufacturing industry, or the emergence of new small businesses to blaze a trail?

In the State Council Premier Li proposed "Internet +" before the "Internet + PV" has begun to heat up. In the context of the times, "Internet + PV" at the right time.

"Internet + PV" six platform business model

The first, photovoltaic materials products B2B electronic business platform.

In the field of vertical materials products industry has a successful case, such as the steel industry, "looking for steel net", such as electronic components industry, "IC core city." PV manufacturing industry in the global market dominated, it is entirely possible that the birth of such a photovoltaic materials B2B electronic business platform, so that photovoltaic materials products can be quickly sold. If the platform is mature, with large data accumulation, so that photovoltaic power plant investment in the headache of the material quality control problems will be solved.

Second, the photovoltaic system B2B + B2C service platform.

The platform allows home owners or business owners who want to install PV systems to quickly and easily access one-stop PV system installation and networking services. In the high subsidies for photovoltaic power generation, one by one can be built PV system idle unwanted roof or the ground, suddenly became a meat and potatoes. But the reality is that the general public on the understanding of solar photovoltaic just stay in the "solar PV is a water heater bar" level, did not realize their roof or nearby open space can be leased to make money or invest in building photovoltaic systems to make money. On the other side, the PV system investors to raise a bunch of looking for a large group to find the ground to find the ground PV power plant developers to collect a large number of roof or ground information, time-consuming and laborious consumption of money, but the effect is not high. The emergence of the platform, you can effectively docking both supply and demand together, will greatly ease the current dilemma, making the PV power plant landing speed.

Third, the photovoltaic power plant operation and maintenance platform.

In my vision, through competition, there will be a compatible with all types of photovoltaic power plant monitoring system, "PV power station O2O operation and maintenance platform." The platform consists of two systems, one system is the PV monitoring system (online cloud Yun-dimensional system), each monitoring system can access to the system, can be done for each photovoltaic power plant real-time monitoring, so that Real-time online diagnosis of online real-time repair; the second system is the line operation and maintenance system, the system by the regional operation and maintenance team composed of a national line under the operation and maintenance system, to achieve regional rapid response, line diagnostic line Under the repair. In this way, each PV plant can be commissioned to the platform for operation and maintenance. In this way, will optimize the operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power station industry.

Fourth, the photovoltaic power station trading platform.

The first three platforms, equivalent to the quality of photovoltaic materials, site selection and construction, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power plants in the three aspects of the whole process of risk control, the emergence of high-quality photovoltaic power stations, so the PV power station trading platform is a natural result . In the PV power plant throughout the life cycle, there will be about 4-6 times the transaction resale. Each transaction is to undertake high-risk high-yield capital to bear the low-risk low-income capital transfer, and ultimately, photovoltaic power plants will be precipitated in the low-risk four asset management companies, pension funds, mutual funds and other long-term Capital. PV power station trading platform records the PV power plant data, that is, subsequent transactions, can be low-cost transaction, rather than the current high-cost transactions (repeated due diligence), power plant income is unwarranted dissipation.

Fifth, the photovoltaic power generation trading platform.

In the context of large power changes, it can be expected that the sale of electricity licenses will eventually be issued in bulk, which means that a large number of photovoltaic power plants, will become an independent electricity sales, direct sale of green power to the B-side users or C users. PV trading platform is attached to the generalized power generation trading platform, or will be developed independently, is the result of historical evolution, is currently unable to accurately predict. Can be speculated that, due to the payment of subsidies related to PV measurement, photovoltaic power generation trading platform will be measured in the path of independent development, that is likely to form a domestic photovoltaic power generation trading settlement market. In the case of green electricity priority to the Internet, the photovoltaic system of electricity, can be intelligent regulation, the nearest sold to nearby high price of electricity users.

Sixth, photovoltaic financial platform.

PV industry to a certain stage, PV power plant is widely familiar with, PV power station risk is effectively screening and pricing, the emergence of photovoltaic financial platform, is inevitable. PV power plant investment is a capital-intensive business, the capital is extremely hungry. In addition to bank loan financing, financial leasing, industry funds, equity financing and many other innovative ways of photovoltaic financing, will stimulate the emergence of photovoltaic financial platform.

At the same time, PV power station investors also need a platform to provide one-stop financial services. Photovoltaic power station reliable quality, power generation (ie income) can be real-time monitoring by mobile APP, tangible, the amount of investment may vary, as small as several million, as large as several billion dollars, it is excellent P2P financial products carrier.

PV financial platform can start from the professional PV P2P platform for different types of different styles of funds provides an excellent space to intervene in a wide range of social capital. The domestic P2P platform in the barbaric growth, there will be differentiation, most of the transformation will be a professional-specific industry P2P platform, while the photovoltaic financial platform may evolve into the largest professional P2P platform. After the emergence of photovoltaic financial platform, home users want to install photovoltaic systems, no longer need to pay an investment or only pay a small amount of investment funds. The investment funds will be paid by the innovative photovoltaic financial enterprises, revenue sharing. While the large investors can also easily find the risk match in the PV financial platform, the interest rate matching the loan side. Further, PV power plant operators can continue to have a stable cash flow of PV power plant asset securitization, made of financial products sold to the masses, continue to raise funds to develop photovoltaic power plants.

Above the emergence and maturity of six photovoltaic platforms, will greatly enhance the efficiency of the entire industry, greatly promote the development of photovoltaic power station industry. Can be optimistic estimates, the PV power industry''''''''''''''''s transaction costs (soft costs) will be reduced by 50% or more, the overall financing rate will be reduced in the current level by 2 percentage points.

At present, the PV industry has been different enterprises over the six business models were explored. Photovoltaic industry is too large, a few years after the stock of assets up to a trillion; a bright future, 5 years after the cost of photovoltaic power generation costs in the fire and a considerable start to replace fossil fuels; but development is difficult, the future new model development, Participants have an open mind to face, also need more spirit of cooperation.